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Wheel Alignment Services

Service from ASE Certified Mechanics

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment should be a standard component of your regular Phoenix auto tune-ups and maintenance services. The process is relatively simple and can prevent a number of problems for you and your automobile in the future. Basically, upon contacting our team at Discount Brake Tune and Lube, an authorized NAPA AutoCare Center for a wheel alignment, one of our certified technicians will inspect the angle of your wheels as compared with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Uneven tire wear can be very costly. Uneven tire wear is when one edge (either the inside or the outside) hits the road and the other edge is not. This causes one part of your tire to wear out faster while the other edge will still be okay to drive on. Unfortunately, if you have uneven tire wear, you have to buy new tires. New tires can cost several hundred dollars each. It is better to call Discount Brake Tune and Lube to take a look at your alignment now before you have a problem. Remember, we won’t try to sell you; we want to help you, so you trust us and come to Discount Brake Tune and Lube for all your auto repairs.

If the wheel angles are off, we will adjust the alignment and help you prevent the problems that can occur with a misalignment, including:

  • Tire wear
  • Pulling to one side
  • Need to replace tires more often than average
  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • Decreased control of the vehicle